Television Series

Flipping Virgins (factual) season 2 *Cineflix Productions*

Say Yes To The Dress Canada (factual) season 1 and 2 *Temple Street Productions*

Million Dollar Critic (factual) season 1 *Temple Street Productions*

Bulloch Family Ranch (docusoap) season 1 and 2 *Peacepoint Entertainment Group*

Money Moron (factual) season 1 and 2 *Peacock Alley Entertainment*

Salvage Hunter (factual) season 1 and 2 *Cineflix Productions*

Property Brothers (factual) season 3 *Cineflix Productions*

Instant Cash (game show) season 3 *Cineflix Productions*

My House Your Money (factual) season 1 *Cineflix Productions*

Canadian Pickers (factual) season 1 *Cineflix Productions*

Conviction Kitchens (docudrama) season 2 *Cineflix Productions*

Inside The Box (factual) season 1 *Cineflix Productions*

Holmes Inspection (factual) season 1 *Holmes Inc*

Star Portraits (lifestyle) season 1 *PTV Productions*

Designer Guys (factual) season 5 and 6 *Westwind Pictures*

Survivorman (factual) season 2 *Survivorman Productions*

Living The Life (factual) season 1 *Tricon Films*


Evolve (iPad app) *Temple Street Media Ventures*

Bold Art Series (vignette) *CBC Television Network*

Watershed Awards (corporate)*The Gabor Group*

Enchanted Forest (documentary)*Moving Headshot Productions*

Joseph Macerolo (documentary)*Moving Headshot Productions*

Elliott Carter (documentary)*Moving Headshot Productions*

Fotany (documentary)*MR Productions*

Toronto Dominion (corporate)*Moving Headshot Productions*

OCE (corporate)*Moving Headshot Productions*

Toronto Dominion (corporate)*Moving Headshot Productions*

The Cello Tutor (short film)*Foresight Entertainment*

Highballers (show pitch)*Storystream Productions*

Toro Bravo (documentary)*Storystream Productions*

Big Water Challenge (show pitch)*Storystream Productions*


1990 - 2005

eng, features and promotional editing


1986 - 1990

sfx and adr editing / engineering / production